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I Hate Nickel


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Low-Nickel Diet Recipes and Ideas

Following any diet can be frustrating, but following a low-nickel diet can sometimes feel like I'm trying to accomplish alchemy!  How do I take this random short list of "approved" foods and magically turn it into an appetizing, healthy meal?

This is the question I ask myself each week when I make a dinner menu and a shopping list.  I've been following a low-nickel diet for exactly one year now, and in that time, I've cried, I've cheated (oh how I miss almonds, peas, and chocolate covered donuts!), and yet I've succeeded in reducing my nickel symptoms to almost nothing when I've succeeded in following the diet.  It makes all the frustration worth it, and honestly, it's gotten a lot easier along the way.  

Through this journey, I've collected a whole notebook of recipes, menus, and shopping ideas.  I thought it might be nice to share some of that hard work!  I’ve added a new page to share low-nickel recipes I’ve tried – Low-Nickel Diet.  Enjoy!